Monday, 24 January 2011

2 days to go!

Had a great final weekend (apart from getting my car done in, but we won't talk about that), with a suprise party thrown into the mix on saturday. I had a game of golf on saturday morning with Bernard and Dad, and due to being a man I missed the many hints that were dropped (i.e., why becky had so much stuff to take that weekend, or getting rushed out of the house in the morning, or the urgent need to get back for a jacket potato). But anyway I arrived back at the house completely shocked and pleasantly suprised to see loads of my family and friends there to send me off, (becky took a video of it, its pretty jokes). I think everyone should have a suprise party at some point in their life, so if you want one just try and do something a bit mental like going away for 10 months to play football and it should work haha. Anyway, thanks to everyone that came, it was great to see everyone together. Now just a case of sorting out last minute things and packing (ugh!). Got my leaving do drinks sesh thingy tonight which should be a laugh...

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  1. Good luck Mikes! Will miss you....oh apart from the whistling :-)